How to do basic embroidery stitches

Have you wanted to pick up an embroidery hoop kit but weren't sure how to do the basic stitches? Felt confused by the stitch diagrams included with your kit or just learn  better by watching someone? I'm here to help!


The video below shows five of the most basic and common embroidery stitches:

Backstitch, satin stitch, Pekinese stitch, Roumanian couching, & French knots

Here are some examples of the basic stitches:
Byzantine Acanthus close up.jpg

My Byzantine Acanthus design uses Pekinese stitch for the outlining and then seed stitch fill for the little stitches inside.

Arcadian Rose closeup 1.jpg

Arcadian Rose uses satin stitch, backstitch, Pekinese, Roumanian couching and French knot (or seed stitch fill).

Pennsylvania Posy side view.jpg

Pennsylvania Posy uses satin stitch, backstitch, Pekinese, and seed stitch.