The palmette design is a beautiful and ornate motif used in a wide variety of forms in the ancient world from Greek vases to Corinthian columns to many iterations in textiles. This vintage palmette design has a very elegant, stylized feel which brings to mind the city of Alexandria in Egypt, a city famous for its art, culture, and learning (its vast library was famous throughout the ancient world).

Worked in a vibrant palette of garnet, peacock blue, greens, and golds, it is an easy design to work to a longer length because of the solid border lines.


Finished size (exclusive of finishing): 16 x 20 inches

Stitch count: 210 x 258 sts/14533 total sts


You Will Need:

One 20 x 24 inches 30 count counted thread fabric of your choice

DMC Floss:

28 yds 816 garnet

18 yds 21 alizarin

16 yds 936 avocado green very dark

13 yds 807 peacock blue dark

7 yds 733 olive green medium

2 yds 676 old gold light


The second photo has been kindly provided by Donna Hays and shows her fabric and floss choice. She'll keep us posted as she stitches!

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