This beautiful design originates in Byzantium and utilizes both geometric and floral elements to stunning effect. The octagons enclose Byzantine roses and are banded by a stylized meander design which creates a wonderful intricacy. Easy to repeat, this design can be worked in either a red/black/green or red/gold/gray colorway. The stylized birds are optional.

Photos show two different sizes and colorways: the larger embroidery is DMC 310 black, 355 red and 3012 green on Legacy Linen “Sunflower” 36 x 36 inches finished size (you will need a piece 39 x 39 inches to allow for hem). The smaller embroidery is DMC 729 antique gold, 355 red, and 317 pewter gray on Legacy Linen “Coconut” 17-1/2 x 17-1/2 finished size(you will need a piece 21 x 21 inches to allow for drawn thread hem).

Note: This will not be released as a kit right now, only as a Download pattern.

Byzantine Rose Download