A simple scroll motif is repeated on each side of a square to create this stunning and vibrant design that comes from a vintage prika (bridal chest) embroidery. With only two colors--garnet and mocha--outlined in plain black, this design is both restrained and yet beautifully complex. The original textiles are a set of three cloths worked on 40ct fabric: one table runner worked as shown in the full size chart and two smaller cloths, each worked with four motif squares.


The pattern is for a rectangular table runner, but the basic square motif can be worked in either a square or rectangular format for a variety of projects—one square on 40 ct for a pincushion, four squares on 26 ct for a fabulous pillow cushion, a single row of squares worked end-to-end for a long, thin table runner, etc. Additionally, blue or green could be substituted for the garnet for a different look, which makes this a highly versatile pattern!


Finished size per square motif: 69x70 sts/2428 sts/1192 backsts/4 x 4-1/4” on 30 ct fabric/5.5x6” on 26ct

Finished size of table runner: 140x279 sts/19456 sts/9536 backsts/8.5 x 17” exclusive of finishing


You will need:

One 13 x 21” piece of 30 count fabric (photos show our Mikini white)

DMC Floss:

85 yds 816 garnet

27 yds 3032 medium mocha brown

27 yds 310 black

Also available as a Kit or Paper Pattern.

Illyrian Scroll Download pattern