Beautiful, high quality Legacy Linen in the popular 30 count size (15 sts to the inch). Use this fabric when you want real heirloom quality combined with a fabric durable enough for daily use. I offer three sizes: 18 x 36 inches, 36 x 36 inches, and 36 x 72 inches and four colors:

Sunflower Seed--a wheat-y, natural looking color

Coconut Macaroon--bare off white (as of 7/20, this is backordered due to COVID shipping delays)

Custard Cream--a slightly warmer white (I'll be substituting this color for Coconut Macaroon in all kits until it's back in stock)

NEW! Victoria Spongecake--a lovely, aged ivory color


The 18x36 size will give you two small 18x18 inch cloths (see Byzantine Meander Pattern Download for an example) and 36x36 will give you enough for either four 18 x 18 inch small cloths or one large 36 x 36 inch cloth which is a beautiful size for a coffee table or as an accent cloth on a dining room table (this is my favorite size for a really beautiful, heirloom embroidery). The count is 15-count, which is a bit finer than the 13-count size of our Traditional Groundcloth, so designs will work up finer and you may need to work an additional repeat of any given design.


Legacy Linen has a reputation as being one of the finest, longest-lasting counted thread fabrics on the market. It stands up to machine washing and will stand the test of time, so it is an excellent choice for your most special embroideries. When I am stitching something that I want to have a long lifespan and that can be machine washed, I always choose Legacy Linen.


Care: Machine wash on gentle cycle OR hand wash, lay flat to dry

Legacy Linen 30 count

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