Pomegranate Collection patterns are designs which I have not stitched a sample yet for the cover image, but I just couldn't wait to share this design! So, these are less expensive and only available as downloads (not kits or patterns). If you stitch a Pomegranate Collection pattern and submit it for photography, you'll receive a $50 Avlea website credit (and you get your embroidery back, too!). 


This stunning design comes from an embroidered bedsheet from the island of Lefkada where it is speculated that the palace of Odysseus—hero of Homer’s Odyssey—was located. Odysseus’ wife, Penelope, was famous for her skill with the needle and it is delightful to imagine her working this beautiful pattern inspired by her garden.

The pattern features sprays of tulips and carnations upon which small doves perch. Outlined by a tiny checkerboard along with a graceful pomegranate and flower border, it is a design that epitomizes the height of Mediterranean folk embroidery. Worked in the traditional palette of red, blue, green, gold, and black, this embroidery will delight the dedicated stitcher and become a treasured family heirloom.

Finished size: 23x23” on 30 count fabric (exclusive of hem)

345 x 345 sts/35746 total sts


You will need:

One 36x36” piece 30 count counted thread fabric

DMC Floss:

36 yds 310 black

92 yds 355 terra cotta

26 yds 3012 soft olive green

43 yds 311 navy blue

8 yds 729 old gold

Penelope's Garden download