Pomegranate Collection patterns are designs which I have not stitched a sample yet for the cover image, but I just couldn't wait to share this design! So, these are less expensive and only available as downloads (not kits or patterns). If you stitch a Pomegranate Collection pattern and submit it for photography, you'll receive a $50 Avlea website credit (and you get your embroidery back, too!). 


An intricate trellis of diamonds and knots, I adapted this design from a 13th century Byzantine silk fragment. Since elaborate silks such as these were used to ornament the chambers of Byzantine princesses, I named it after a famous Byzantine princess and designed it to be worked in a rich garnet color and a soft antique blue, both colors that came from the famous porphrios dyestuff of the ancient world. This beautiful and intricate design can be finished as a table runner, cushion cover, or wall hanging.


Because it is worked in only two colors, it would be easy to change the colors to any two color combination you like.


Finished size (exclusive of finishing):

On 30 count fabric—8.5 x 12.5”

On 26 count fabric—10 x 14.5”

Stitch count: 129 x 187 sts/9196 total sts (plus backsts)


You will need:

26 count fabric—one piece 15 x 18”

30 count fabric—one piece 13 x 17”

DMC Floss:

54 yds 816 garnet

25 yds 932 antique light blue

Theodora's Diamonds download