Pomegranate Collection patterns are designs which I have not stitched a sample yet for the cover image, but I just couldn't wait to share this design! So, these are less expensive and only available as downloads (not kits or patterns). If you stitch a Pomegranate Collection pattern and submit it for photography, you'll receive a $50 Avlea website credit (and you get your embroidery back, too!). 


This repeating geometric design reminded me of coins made throughout the medieval world, often featuring cross designs. Worked in shades of pewter gray and olive green to mimic the metals from which old coins were minted, this design is can be worked in the square arrangement as shown (nice for cushion covers or as a square table mat), or as a long table runner with a larger piece of cloth.


Finished size (exclusive of finishing): 10.5 x 10.5 inches

Stitch count: 137 x 137 sts/10745 total sts


You Will Need:

One 16 x 16” piece of 26 ct counted thread fabric (photos show our Traditional Groundcloth)

DMC Floss:

24 yds 317 pewter gray

18 yds 927 grey green light

17 yds 733 olive green medium

4 yds 3816 celadon green


A few words about this design: I haven't stitch-tested these colors yet, but they looked really great when I put all the cones together. You may choose to work this design with slightly different colors based upon your personal preference.

Venetian Coins download