This elegant design comes from a vintage table runner I acquired from Athens. It is a classic example of how a simple design element—diamonds—is used in folk embroidery in varying sizes and groupings to create a stunning effect. Worked in only three shades of coral (light, medium, and dark) with selective outlining in black to make sections of the motif look more intricate, this design would adapt beautifully to the color of your choice.


This piece is also unique for its use of both even and odd stitch configurations, which means that some of the pattern looks a bit “off center”, but I found this part of the charm of the original embroidery, so I have kept the design faithful to the original.

Please note: The photos show the original piece but I have adapted the design to be 2 inches shorter so that it fits better on half yard pieces of counted thread fabric.

Finished size: 18” x 33” including hem

Stitch count: 229 x 407sts/25198 total sts/9756 backsts

Whlsl Athenian Diamonds Kit or Pattern