This unique geometric design comes from Rhodes, where it was embroidered on a garment in the mid-1700s. It features highly stylized leaves which form a border that is contrasted by light and airy branch motifs in the center and corners. The original was worked in red and green, but I have used blue and copper for a more modern colorway. The design also lends itself well to the two-color palette of your choice.

The design can be finished as either a cushion cover for a 14x14” pillow insert, or hemmed for a 14.5x14.5” table mat. The actual area of the embroidery is 12.25 x 12.25” on 26 count fabric.


Finished size: 14x14 inches

Stitch count: 159x160 sts/6603 total sts (including backstitches)

Whlsl Dorian Leaves Kit